Is Pink Salt Poisonous?

Many of us have started doing the pink salt flush and we also use pink salt for an iodized salt substitute.

While doing research I’ve found that pink salt is a poison with long-term use as it will cause a negative bio accumulation.

Key things to know and look into

1) Unlike the human body, it’s not inorganic.

2) Its chemical profile is not below 9 atomic cluster

3) No enzymes

4) No Lithophilic organisms

5) Contains lots of heavy metals (see profile)

6) It’s also not not amphoteric, so it’s going to have issues with the sodium and potassium process

I started using sun dried sea salt after I brought some back from my last trip home. You should be able to find it here or look for bamboo salt or Celtic salt. You will have great results using those with the flush.

Peace and love …..

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